Construction of a private residence.

This modern villa, situated in a beautiful green area south of Brussels, makes the most of the natural inclination and orientation of the terrain it is located on.

The project consists of two stories, a partially buried basement and it meets the needs of a young family with four children. Modern and structured by clear lines, the villa is set to offer living spaces in harmony with the surrounding nature.

A sober play of volumes that betray their functions, strengthen the modern character and expression of the contemporary house. The volumetric composition arranges the house spatially, resulting in very fluid plans governed by a functional hierarchy.

The ground floor contains the daytime spaces, all benefiting from direct views of the garden. The circulations and amenities are carefully arranged in a second plan. The same logic applies to the first floor that contains the sleeping suites. This concept translates itself into more closed façades on the north side, that open progressively to the south. The underground contains polyvalent spaces and technical areas.

Terraces, extensions of the interior spaces, animate the facades and large window openings offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, establishing a constant connection between the interior and the carefully arranged garden.

The horizontality and homogeneity of the stone façade accentuate the integration into the landscape, enhance the sobriety of the architecture and create a feeling of serenity.

The soft interiors are in contrast with the monolithic exterior, reflecting the young spirit of the owners. Wood and concrete flooring, together with the serene white plastered finish of the walls, create a tranquil atmosphere. Custom made wooden or stone furniture will provide accents throughout the entire house.


2018 – ongoing




Brussels Region, Belgium


François Goffinet

Design & Execution

Alexandru Patrichi Architects


Algemene Bouw Deblaere