Construction of a private residence.


This modern villa is situated in a beautiful green area in the southern part of the municipality of Wezembeek-Oppem. Designed for a young family of five, it consists of two living levels and a basement.

The architectural intention was to create a house with a contemporary character, structured by clear lines, with quality interior spaces in direct relation with the green garden.

Contemporary and sober, the house offers a play of volumes that make the most of the orientation and the terrain. Terraces enliven the south facade and large bay windows offer panoramic views of the surrounding garden, establishing a constant connection between the interior of the house and the latter.

The horizontality and homogeneity of the materials accentuate the integration of the building in the site and create a feeling of serenity. The light color of the facade cladding is in line with most neighborhood houses.

Programmatically, the ground floor consists of living spaces linked to daytime activities, while the bedrooms and bathrooms are found on the first floor. The basement contains technical spaces and storage.

The goal of the landscape design was to create a natural garden layout, which would give a new dimension to the whole property thanks to the various types of plantations. The landscaping also aims to integrate the house in the terrain, acting as a link between architecture and nature.


2019 – 2023




Brussels Region, Belgium


Wirtz International

Design & Execution

Alexandru Patrichi Architects


Algemene Bouw Deblaere