Project for a multifunctional music center.

Part of a larger development, the venue was created in the contrast with the rest of the buildings due to its unusual form, but it displays its value as a public space.

The building contains two concert halls therefore increasing its functionality in the community by offering audiences a wider array of events, from concerts and plays to conferences. On the ground floor, spaces can be taken up for selling books, CDs, and musical instruments, thus putting more cultural emphasis on the venue. Additional space is reserved for other types of recreational areas, such as dining halls or cafeteria.

A semi-transparent envelope adds to the building’s artistic ambiance. This solution also helps establishing a dialog between the interior and the outside public areas. From a technical standpoint, the double-layer facades allow an approach in terms of the passive house concept. The façade also allows for installing plasma screens to broadcast events in progress.

Metal was used for construction, as well as in the transparent outer shell, with the interior resembling two opaque containers floating, symbolizing freedom and the dynamic nature of the venue.




Alexandru Patrichi Architects


Bucharest, Romania