Project for a museum in Athens.

As the Olympic Games become more competitive and challenging with each new event, the propose projects aimes create a museum that reflects this dynamic evolution.
The volumes dominate the site and have a clear orientation towards the Acropolis. The shape of the building is in sync with the topological dynamics, creating a gradual transition from the densely populated residential quarter located in the south, to the park in the north. The spaces inside are organized to allow optimum visitor flow through every exhibition.

The museum’s terrace completes the composition, overlooking breathtaking natural vistas and historical sites. Below the entrance level, a public square is created. The simplicity and softness of its curved shapes contrasts with the sharply cut concrete of the new iconic building. The public square offers additional free space for the museum and serves as a public recreation area for nearby residences.




Alexandru Patrichi Architects


Athens, Greece


Mihai Brad, Oana Trusca