Construction of a private residence.

This holiday home, located in the southern part of Romania, will provide a retreat for a young family of four.

The chosen location on the terrain allows the preservation of the existing orchard and offers vistas towards the nearby mountains range, while providing distance from the road. The dialog with the garden and existing surroundings is strengthen by large window openings.

The sloping terrain offered the opportunity for increased height on the ground floor which creates a hierarchy between the living area and the rest of the spaces. Due to the difference in heights, the outside terrace profits from some intimacy, enhanced by the planting area separating it from the driveway.

The combination of a concrete structure used for the ground floor and a wooden structure for the first floor is translated into the façade choice of materials: a wooden façade, slightly setback, on top of a mineral plastering base register.

The outside carport and sustaining walls in natural stone tighten the connection to the site.


2020 – ongoing


Alexandru Patrichi Architects & Studio EST


Dambovita, Romania


Studio EST