Project for a school in Paris.

The original task of the contest was to renovate and revive a derelict warehouse located in a dysfunctional area of Paris.

Firstly, the major goal was to create a building which would symbolize the revival of the entire Pantin district. To achieve this, the function we propose is an University for Environmental Science, a project that would attract many people to the area. Further, the district’s links to the rest of the city were improved by creating new access points: a new bridge across the canal, a bus stop, and a boat dock. We also designed an urban park bringing much needed vegetation into the site and a promenade along the river which includes a bike rental center. Underground parking and other technical premises were created to spare the area from vehicles and for energy storage.

Both architectural and technical solutions merge into a passive building. The exterior is made up of a double-layer façade that overlooks the sun and produces energy with installed photovoltaic cells.

Acting as a buffer both in summer and in winter the structure boasts a double-skinned façade, further aiding in energy conservation. Its diamond shape contrasts with the Cartesian existing structure, while another distinguishing feature of the project was an atrium placed between the two old structures – a green core for ventilation and providing additional natural light.




Alexandru Patrichi Architects


Paris, France


Lidia Mateescu, Aura Oancea