Proposal for a public library

The concept of the Library is derived from the Copenhagen style of building: Karre, which can be found present in the neighbourhood and in the configuration of its most representative buildings: the Amalienborg Palace and the Frederikskirken.

The new building establishes itself as a defining element on the powerful axis of the neighbourhood and along the waterfront promenade. It also creates powerful urban relations, providing remarkable views towards the Opera House, the Royal Theatre, the Royal Residence and the Church.

The library develops itself as a succession of non-hierarchical spaces around the central courtyard which provides ventilation and natural light. The building presents itself as a journey through the different areas, from more public spaces located on the ground floor to the lecture areas that can be found on the first floor and culminates with areas that encourage social activities and interaction between visitors.

Each space is illuminated according to its function; therefore, the lecture spaces have large glazed areas and can be found at the heart of the building, where the multimedia areas have more controlled natural light. Also, the facade for the lecture areas is made of translucent material that provides a uniform light throughout the day.

The entrance is found on the long axis of the Amalienhaven Park, thus between the street and the promenade, attracting people from every direction. Towards the street we find the access to the shop, and towards the water the cafeteria is located, from where people can enjoy wonderful views of the Opera House waterfront. The outside green spaces soften the transition from the park to the neighbouring buildings.

Through the plan configuration, the spaces look to go beyond traditional library areas and encourage interaction between users enhanced by their open nature, height and good illumination. The building aims to be more than just a library, but a cohesive element in the community. At the same time, the journey through the building is also a discovery of the city.




Alexandru Patrichi Architects


Copenhagen, Denmark