Monte d’Oiro Wine Hotel (Competition 1st prize)

Visiting a vineyard complex is a sensory experience in which one may learn about the winemaking process, which is steeped in history, from grape picking to wine tasting. The natural splendor of the surrounding area enhances this experience in Quinta do Monte d’Oiro.

Considering the site’s fragmented nature and the need to maintain the main route, it posed a significant challenge. Given the natural topography of the terrain, arriving in the main courtyard of the existing complex offers breathtaking vistas over the vineyards. The focus of the proposed project was to enhance this quality for someone entering the estate. Therefore, the new building is found under the entrance level and proposes a public space that expands the current plaza. This not only allows for unobstructed viewsof the vineyard but also helps to preserve the existing buildings.

Rather than dividing the program in multiple structures, which would only contribute to the further fragmentation of the site, the project proposes a homogenous and discrete building, aiming to act as a link between the existing constructions / outdoor space and the vineyard. The road is taken underground and becomes an integrated part of the building.

A grid is laid throughout the site, forming the structural basis of the project, bringing order and clarity to the ensemble.

The proposal consists of three levels that retract progressively, creating terrasses that overlook the landscape, while bringing the project to human scale.

A succession of stairwells on the east side correspond to the variances in levels toward the neighbors.On the east side, a series of staircases align to the differences in levels towards the neighbors. On the west side, the project proposes the same retracting levels that blend in seamlessly with the existing landscape, ensuring a smooth transition between the winery building, the public space, and the vineyard.

Carved out patios allow for natural light and ventilation. They also correspond to a clear division of functions: hotel, restaurant, events, and spa. Connections are carefully laid out, allowing users to reach the vineyard directly from the public space above, while discovering both the site and the landscape.

The language used is simple, tectonic, and uniform, which contributes to the homogeneity of the building and doesn’t distract from the main protagonist: the vineyard. Using a single material – exposed concrete with an earthy color – only helps further the idea.

Sustainability is present throughout the project on many other levels: clean, flexible, and easy to build design, passive shading, water collection, creation of micro-climates through volume disposition and use of vegetation, natural light, and ventilation.

The projects aim to bring unity to the estate, enhance the existing buildings and the connection to the vineyard, offer breathtaking views over the landscape and vines, be discreet while becoming a landmark through its radical statement.

The project is a place to meet and discuss, a place to discover the beauty of the surrounding landscape, a place to share memories around a glass of wine…an AGORA.




Competition 1st prize


Monte d’Oiro, Portugal


Claudia Galván Zuluaga, Iñaki Millán Omar, Alexandru Patrichi